Who Are We

TEXOPED Parsian Kish is one of the subsidiaries of PEDEM holding, largest privately owned investment groups in Iran. Among others, services at TEXOPED Parsian Kish focus on:
  • Petroleum Products & Petrochemicals

  • Upstream Testing Services

  • On-site & In-lab Testing Services

     By benefiting from more than 30 years experience of laboratory services and PEDEM’s brilliant history in working with different Iranian clients and acquaintance with Iranian oil industry problems, TEXOPED built and equipped one of the most advanced and unique PVT laboratories in Ahwaz, Iran. Best senior experts in this area trained the Iranian fresh graduate students for working with this equipment and they are ready to deal with various hydrocarbon samples.
     TEXOPED succeeded to become a knowledge based company by introducing “NESHAT” software. This software is able to predict the location and amount of Asphaltene deposition at each moment of production in the wellbore.

What We Do


  • Downhole sampling

  • Reservoir fluids phase behavior and PVT analysis

  • Flow assurance studies

  • Improved/enhanced oil recovery (IOR/EOR) experiments         

  • Formation damage studies & core analysis

  • Geochemistry

  • Compositional analysis of oil, gas, condensate, brine and other fluids

  • Reservoir and fluids simulation and modeling